Chicago, IL Eastland Disaster, Jul 1915 - Mourned as Dead, Alive

Several Mourned As Dead, Alive

Chicago, July 27.--A few gleams of brightness flashed through the gloom of the Eastland tragedy today, when several persons listed among the dead and missing, proved to be alive and well.

Miss Mary Mazurawski telephoned Coroner Hoffman of her escape. She started on the excursion Saturday, but after noticing how crowded the Eastland was, decided to go aboard the steamer Theodore Roosevelt.

James Kocka, at first listed among the missing, gave notice that he was alive.

Eddie Gunardson, reported among the identified dead, also reported himself safe.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, whose names were included among the missing, informed police that they had not been aboard the Eastland, but had gone on the steamer Roosevelt.

Mrs. Mary E. Gunderlock, reported among the identified dead, proved to be alive. She did not start on the excursion.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 27 Jul 1915



Of Fort Wayne Has Son in Eastland Disaster--Escapes

Miss Clara Rissing, 1704 St. Joe boulevard, received word yesterday from her cousin, Arthur A. Catlin, the son of Mrs. Frank L. Catlin, who will be remembered as Miss Phenie Knecht, a former resident of this city, saying that he had a narrow escape from death, when the Eastland turned over. Young Mr. Catlin holds a responsible position with the Western Electric company, of Chicago, and is booked for promotion soon. His message to relatives in this city was brief, and merely told that he had escaped death by a narrow margin. His wife was in Colorado visiting with his mother, and for this reason may have escaped an untimely death in the big disaster.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 27 Jul 1915