Niantic, IL Storm, Apr 1880

A Close Call Near Niantic.

Saturday night between eight and eleven o’clock, one of the most terrific rain, wind and thunder storms we have yet experienced visited this locality.

While the storm was raging furiously Saturday night, the dwelling and house of Mr. Robert Moore, three miles north of Niantic, was struck by lightning and considerably damages. The house, our informant, A. W. Wells, states was torn up, and though there were eight persons sleeping in the apartments at the time, not one was injured. One end was torn out, and the sheeting and shingles were lifted off as if torn up with a crowbar. The plastering fell from the ceiling on the second floor and completely covered the bed in which Robert Moore, jr., and his cousin, Hugh Moore, were sleeping. The former, after the crash, found himself awake and sitting on the edge of the bed, though what startled him he couldn’t tell, until he saw the damage done. Hugh was not disturbed in the least, and had to be waked up. A mare in the barn was killed, and her cold escaped injury. The house was insured for $800 in the “Phoenix” company, for which a gentleman at Taylorville is the agent.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 26 Apr 1880