Morgan County, IL Drowning, Sept 1852


We learn from the Jacksonville Constitutionist, that two sons of MR. MONTGOMERY PITNER, of Morgan Co., were drowned on Saturday, in a branch of the Mauvaisterre. The water which falls over the mill dam at that place, had washed a deep hole. The eldest, about 14 years of age, stepped into it; and was immediately beyond his depth – his brother about 12 jumped in to his rescue, and, unable to effect his object, sank with him. They were recovered from the water in about an hour, their hands locked together.

A dog that was with the boys, used every effort to save them. The marks of the animal's teeth were very plainly made upon the neck and arm of the eldest boy, but his weight was too great for him.

The Quincy Daily Whig 1852-09-08