Jacksonville, IL Insane Asylum Fire, Sep 1887

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Jacksonville, Ills., Sept. 22. -- At 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon the main building of the Oak Lawn Retreat, a private insane asylum near this city, was found to be on fire, and before help could be had it was burned to the ground. There were quite a number of patients in it from Wyoming territory. DR. McFARLAND, the proprietor, was badly burned. The patients were liberated and roamed about the grounds, raising a great commotion. The loss will exceed $20,000.

Logansport Pharos Indiana 1887-09-22


I would have been yelling

I would have been yelling "Burn, Baby, Burn" and willing it to burn to the ground together with all the psychiatrists and their helpers. Those cretins caused great pain to innocents. F them.

Jacksonville fire

Too bad McFarlane didn't die in the fire and too bad the joint didn't burn completely to the ground. That would have been a cause for cheering. I despise psychiatrists and others who think that they can tell a person how to think and live. Fuck them.