Jacksonville, IL Female College Fire, Mar 1870

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From the Jacksonville (Ill.) Journal, March 1.
About 10 o'clock yesterday morning the wild cries of fire, and the ominous clanking of the fire bells, startled our sober city into a fever of excitement.
It was discovered that the alarm originated from the Illinois Female College, on East State street. After some two hours of exertion, the flames were confined to the extreme eastern section of the building.
The remains consist in the large and perfect wings uninjured, save slightly by water; all the walls of the main building, save the east end, in a perfectly good condition. Throughout half of the main building the fire did not burn down lower than the third story; in the remainder it took everything down to the first floor, leaving the ground section in good condition. The furniture and household goods were mostly saved, though damaged, as they usually are. The damaged to the building is estimated variously at from $35,000 to $50,000. To offset this there is the insurance, amounting to $35,000, divided between the following companies:
Republic, $10,000; Security, $5,000; AEtna, $10,000; North American, $5,000; Home, New York, $5,000.
The policy in the Republic has only been running ten days. Upon the furniture there was no insurance, although the matter was under consideration but a few days since. It is impossible at present to estimate the amount of loss actually sustained.
During the course of the fire, the young ladies who had been so unceremoniously turned out of their rooms, were engaged in searching after their lost treasures, sometimes, we imagine, without success, if their rueful countenances told the story alright. By night all the young ladies had been domiciled in the houses of friends. It is surprising that we have no fatal accidents to record. The opportunities were so numerous that we certainly feared the worst, but happily were disappointed.
The school will not be closed. The wing will be immediately cleaned out and the school go on as usual. The furniture was moved in again last evening. The basement of the Centenary Methodist Church has been proffered to Professor DeMOTTE, if he wishes to use it. DR. RHOADS, of the Blind Institute, also sent a cordial invitation to make use of his accommodations. So there will be no lack, even if the wing does not prove adequate.

The New York Times New York 1870-03-06