Chicago, IL Excursion Steamer FAVORITE Capsizes, Jul 1927

Although search of the lake waters was carried on today in the face of a heavy sea, none of the authorities had any missing list and whether others than the 27 known dead had been lost was unknown.

Two women believed within a 1,000 foot radius of where the boat sank.
No bodies were recovered, but a miscellaneous collection of clothes, umbrellas and other objects were brought up by the grappling lines. A banjo was included in the list of articles found.

An "act of God as if the boat had been hit by lightning," was the way W. A. RITTENHOUSE, asistant state's attorney described the foundering of the excursion boat, "Favorite" Thursday.

He said the state's attorney's investigation had revealed nothing of criminality and apparently there was no evidence of carlessness[sic].

Chicago, July 29 -- (A.P.) -- WILLIAM HOFNAUER, Millionaire yachtsman who was cruising near the boat when the squall struck it, praised OLSON, declaring he was "a hero" and should not be censured.

"My boat was 300 feet off the breakwater when the storm struck." he related. "It drove us within five feet of the breakwater. In a few seconds the storm passed and the effect was the same as if a curtain was raised on a staged tragedy. There was the 'Favorite' floundering with many persons struggling in the water. We went to the rescue."

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