Chicago, IL Excursion Steamer FAVORITE Capsizes, Jul 1927

One small lad clung to the smoke stack of the craft for more than an hour before finally being rescued.

The beach for two miles was turned into an emergency hospital, where doctors and nurses worked frantically over the victims. Those who showed signs of life were hurried to hospitals and a few were resuscitated and taken home.

One man in a speed boat rescued more than a score.

Captain OLSEN told police the accident occurred so suddenly he barely had time to escape from the wheelhouse.

"The squall came up so quickly that all the passenger ran over to one side of the boat, causing it to turn completely over," he said. "I left the wheel as fast as I could, grabbed my knife and cut the cords holding the life preservers. Then I cut the cords of the life boat and threw the life preservers into the water where the struggling passengers could reach them."

"The squall that hit us was the fiercest that I have encountered in my twenty years of sailing on Lake Michigan."

The work of rescue was under way almost before the vessel had settled into the water. The few men on the vessel fought heroically to save women and children, while nearby, scores of small craft raced to the stricken vessel and removed scores of women and children clinging to the sides of the boat.

By the time the first rescue boats had reached shore doctors and nurses were on the beach and worked over some of the bodies for hours in efforts at resuscitation. DR. HERMAN N. BUNDESEN, health commissioner, issued a call for all available doctors and nurses and himself assisted in the work of resuscitation.

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