Fairview, ID Train Wreck, Nov 1917


Yesterday morning at 7:15 o'clock, three men were killed in a head on collision between a merchandise freight train and a work train on the O. L. & I. Railroad at Fairview, Idaho, just one mile over the state line. The dead are conductor ALBERT S. WARNER, brakeman DWIGHT V. REYNOLDS and brakeman GEO. A. ANDERS, of the merchandise train and all residents of Ogden. The first two were killed instantly and Anders died a few hours after being taken to the hospital at Logan. Several other trainmen of the work train, were more or less severely injured but none dangerously.

Just why the accident should occur where it did, is hard to understand as the track runs in a straight line at that place for several miles. The merchandise train had just left the siding when the work train crashed into it. A heavy fog enveloped the valled [sic] at the time. The crews were riding in the motor of each train, which accounts for the conductor and brakemen being killed. All three of the dead men were married, the last two having one and two children respectively.

This is the second serious head-on collision the Electric Railroad has experienced during the last three months. About thirty people were injured in a collision in this city on Peach Day. Faulty reading of orders is intimated as the cause of the collision yesterday.

Box Elder County Utah 23 Nov 1917