Genesee, ID Auto Accident, Mar 1920

Automobile Accident

What came near resulting in a serious automobile accident occurred Sunday afternoon between the Peter Dallasego and Henry Meyer ranches.

Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Taber and baby were on their way to the Henry Meyer ranch when they struck a bad place in the road caused by a snowbank. All of them got out of the car except Mr. Taber, who was driving. The road was sidling and very slippery and Mr. and Mrs. Meyer were pushing against the rear of the car to try and keep it in the road when it began to slide. When Mr. Taber saw that it was impossible to keep the car in the road he shut off the engine, turned the car down the hill and jumped out.

The car plunged down the hill come 300 feet and stopped against a barbed wire fence, splintering the left front wheel and denting the fenders, but otherwise no damage was done to the car, which did not turn over.

When Mr. Meyer saw the car was slipping he pushed Mrs. Meyer out of the way, when she fell and rolled down against the barbed wire fence, cutting her lower limbs and one of her hands, but not seriously. No one else got a scratch.

The Genesee News, Genesee, ID 5 Mar 1920