Hailey, ID area Snowslides, Feb 1917

Never have so many snowslides happened here as during the big snow storm of February 23, 24 and 25 of the year 1917. It seemed as if all the snow in the mountains had tumbled into the gulches.

David P. Clarke, the pioneer and former postmaster of Pierson, was caught in a snowslide on his way home from Stanley postoffice and killed.

No other casualties were reported.

There was a gigantic snowslide at the Independence mine which carried away the orehouse, destroyed a part of the gravity tram to the mill, disabled the electric power and light and telephone line and lifted the mill six inches from the foundation, besides carrying down a lot of timber, lumber and cordwood. The slide came down 1500 feet with a width of 300 or 400 feet and caused $6000 damages.

The boarding house of the Eureka mine, which is situated in Eureka gulch, a fork of Bullion canyon, was struck by a snowslide and seriously damaged. The building was occupied by the foreman, C. W. Pinney and family, and others, all of whom were uninjured.

Snow at the Mascot mine, where ever it had a chance to slide, piled up to a depth of 10 to 20 feet.

History of Alturas and Blaine Counties, Idaho Hailey, Idaho: Hailey Times, 1930, page 97