Massacre Rocks, ID Two Auto Collision, Apr 1965



Massacre Rocks, Idaho (AP) - Two cars crashed head-on at this spot on the old Oregon Trail on Thursday, killing 10 persons. The dead included two elderly couples and three children.
State police Supt. A. E. Perkins said it was the worst highway accident in Idaho history.
Power County Sheriff Rulon Neal identified the dead as four persons in on car from Emmett, Idaho, and a family of six in another, who he said apparently were moving from Fayetteville, Ark., to Brewster, Wash. One child in their car survived.
"The cars looked like they were welded together," said Byron Roy, proprietor of a café at this spot on U.S. 30N some 125 miles northwest of Salt Lake City, Utah.
"There was not as much distance between the two windshields as you normally find between the windshield and the front bumper of your car," Roy said.
Roy said the two elderly couples were in one car. The other contained four adults and three children.
The crash occurred on a stretch of highway straightened and widened eight years ago after complaints the old road twisting through lava beds was a safety hazard. The spot gets its name from an Indian ambush in 1862 that killed nine pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail.
Neal said the four from Emmett were HARRY J. BRYNER, about 72; MARGARET BRYNER, 70; IVAN L. SCOTT, 56; and ELIZA B. JOHNSON, 81.
He identified the dead in the other car as CLAUDE WARFORD, 22; DARLENE WARFORD, 20; ZONA LONG WARFORD, 46; ELMER WARFORD, 52; ALICE WARFORD, 15; and DOROTHY FAY WARFORD, 9.
BILLY WARFORD, 12, was in fair condition at Power County Hospital at American Falls.
Neal said the WARFORDS were en route from Fayetteville, Ark., to Brewster, Wash. He said they apparently were moving.
The sheriff said the car driven by HARRY BRYNER crossed the center line and hit the WARFORD car.
"We don't know what caused him to do it and probably never will," Neal said.

The Greenville News South Carolina 1965-04-16