Sun Valley, ID Snow Avalanche, Jan 1952


Sun Valley, Idaho (AP) -- One ski instructor was killed and at least two other skiers are feared dead in a snow avalanche at Sun Valley resort Saturday.
VICTOR GOTTSCHALK, the instructor, was dug out of a mass of snow about an hour after the rumbling snowslide, but died on an emergency operating table at 5 p.m.
Another Sun Valley ski instructor witnessed the Baldy mountain slide and said he observed two student skiers with GOTTSCHALK.
The slide started at the top of Lookout Knoll, highest part of the famed ski course, and funneled down into the Broadway run.
The slide area about eight-tenths of a mile long and a quarter-mile wide.
More than 200 members of the Sun Valley ski patrol and other experienced skiers in the area were working on the mountain in an attempt to rescue any trapped skiers.
GOTTSCHALK was given first aid at the hospital but died an hour after rescue workers dug him out of the avalanche.
Only competent skiers and rescue crews were being allowed around the slide area as there was danger of more slides.
The big slide occurred about 3 p.m. while the ski lift was packed with vacationers. A class for skiers was being conducted in the vicinity of the slide area.
Sun Valley has had a record snowfall in the last week. Oldtimers say it is the heaviest snowfall in their memory.

Cedar Rapids Gazette Iowa 1952-01-20