Payette, ID Couch Fire, Jul 1901

Exciting Incident.

Mrs. Bryam Has a Stirring Experience at Payette.

Mrs. M. Bryam of this city returned from Payette Saturday morning. She gives an account of what might have been a serious conflagration had it not been for the presence of mind of A.A. Branthoover with whose family she was spending the night.

Mrs. Bryam was expected to return to this city on the early morning train and had thrown herself upon a couch to sleep. About 1 o’clock she awoke and struck a match to ascertain the time of night. Almost instantly after she threw the match upon the floor the fringe on the couch caught fire and she was surrounded by a mass of flame.

She gave the alarm and with the assistance of Mr. Branthoover carried the couch into the street where the flames were quickly extinguished. Her hands were slightly burned and her hair scorched. It is supposed that the fire started from the burning, match falling in a box of matches on the floor.

Idaho Statesman, Boise, ID 8 Jul 1901