Graham Creek, ID Mother & Child Run from Forest Fire, Jul 1910

Mother Wins In Race With Death

Flames Pursue In Flight Through Forest.

For Three Miles Mrs. Joseph Mason Drags Children to Safety With Fire Raging on All Sides.

Spokane, Wash., July 15.-(Special.)-Fleeing to escape what she believed certain death if she remained in her cabin, Mrs. Joseph Mason, half carried, half dragged, four little children through a burning forest for three miles this morning, the object being to reach the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, Idaho, before the flames overtook them.

The Mason home is in the district being swept by what is termed the Graham Creek fire, one of the worst with which the local forestry service is now contending. When convinced the fire would soon thereafter her little mountain home, the mother gathered her little ones together and started. Flying brands were spreading the fire into the heavily timbered section between the Mason home and the river. In spots the flames had gained such headway that big trees were crashing through the undergrowth, which immediately caught.

Frequently one of the children was snatched out of the path just in time to avoid being struck by falling brands. When the perilous journey ended Mrs. Mason fell exhausted and the little ones were almost in a state of collapse. It is reported tonight that none of the family will suffer ill effects from the long-to-be-remembered race.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 16 Jul 1910