Kaneohe, HI Explosion At Quarry, Aug 1908


A terrible explosion took place in the County quarry at Kaneohe this forenoon that probably cost SAM SHELDON of Wailau his life.

One of the blasting charges placed in the quarry yesterday missed, and the foreman expected to shoot it today. For some reason or other SHELDON got an idea that he could do the shooting and he was in the act of putting a drill into the hole when the foreman saw him. The latter jumped to prevent the catastrophe he knew must result from inexperience, but he was too late. The impact of the drill in the hands of SHELDON set the dynamite off.

SHELDON was thrown in the air and the wonder is he was not killed instantly. His skull was fractured and his body injured in many places. A physician was summoned from town and the man taken to the hospital this noon.

Evening Bulletin Honolulu Hawaii 1908-08-14