Atlanta, GA Train Wreck, Jun 1901


Switch Engine Crashes Into a Moving Train Near Atlanta, Ga., Demolishing Cars and Mangling the Occupants--Yardmaster Arrested.

Atlanta, Ga., June 4.--A switch engine in the yards of the Southern railway’s shops near the city limits dashed into a passenger train as it was passing today, killing three passengers and injuring 16, three of them, it is feared, fatally. The dead are:

List of the Killed.
MRS. A. A. LEMMON, McDonough.
IRMA, 10- year-old daughter of Mrs. Lemmon.
H. H. VICKERS, Flovilla.

Dangerously Injured.
Mrs. Julia Kersey, Atlanta, may die.
A. F. Bunn, McDonough, may die.
A Fouche, McDonough, may die.

Other Victims of Disaster.

D. A. George, M. W. Richardson, Miss Rosa Withers, Miss Alma Massenburg, Mrs. E. M. Smith, W. F. Tidwell, Rosa Lee, Mrs. J. E. Ridley, Mrs. A. F. Bunn, Mrs. Bunn, N. H. Vickers, Pierce Stewart, a young son of Mrs. Lemmon.

Engine’s Unexpected Dash.

As the train was passing the sidetrack where the coal chutes are located the switch engine, which had just been deserted by the engineer and fireman, suddenly dashed backward into the moving train. The first-class day coach was thrown on its side and partly demolished. The Pullman was thrown from the track, and one end smashed into kindling wood, while the trucks were knocked from under the combination smoker and passenger coach,

Yardmaster Arrested.

Soon after the wreck G. B. Dunton, an employe of the Southern road, was arrested charged with disorderly conduct. Dunton, who was yardman, dienied [sic] having had anything to do with the wreck, and says he was not on the engine. The officials claim he was seen to get on the engine.

Davenport Daily Republican, Davenport, IA 5 Jun 1901