Monroe, GA Commuter Airliner Crashes, July 1969


Monroe, Ga. (AP) -- Investigators sifted scattered debris Monday in efforts to determine what caused a commuter airliners to crash, carrying 14 persons to their death.
By late Monday, all but two of the victims had been identified.
The Air South propjet, a Beechcraft B99 which normally carries 15 passengers and a crew of two, crashed Sunday night.
The plane was flying from Atlanta to Sumter, S. C. Air South identified the crew and nine civilian passengers as:
Capt. ERWIN W. WOOD of Mabelton, Ga., the pilot; THOMAS M. WAGNER, Forest Park, Ga., the copilot.
CHRISTOPHER GIBSON, 18, of Spartanburg, S. C.; MISS NANCY GRIFFIN Sumter, S. C., a student at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga.; LEE J. HOBART, 54, of Pontiac, Ill.; MARK WOODRUFF SWAGGART, employed by Goodyear Aerospace, Phoenix, Ariz.; GREGORY ROSCOE DAMRON, Richmond, Va.; MISS REBBA ROBERTS, 18, Anderson, S. C.; and WILLIAM VOGEL of the Baltimore, Md. area.
Officials at Shaw Air Force Base said the dead included Col. JAMES M. WINTERBOTTOM, director of intelligence for the Tactical Air Reconnaissance Center at Shaw. His home was listed as Santa Monica, Calif.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1969-07-08


Where did it happen!

Where excatly did this accident happen I remember my father and uncle both saw the site after the accident happend but they are both dead and I can not ask them, My uncle saw it goe over his house less than 5 minutes before it crashed!

monroe georgia airplane crash july1969

i remember when this happened. i was just a little girl at the time, but my family and i went and saw the place that it happened at. would like to say im sorry, finally, to all the families that it involved. thank you, sandra morrow

Plane crash site Monroe Ga. 1969

As a 6yr old child I saw this plane crash site, I am now 45 it still bothers me to this day. It was horrible.