Savannah, GA Church Fire, May 1897

A Historic Church Burned

Christ Church, at Savannah, the oldest church in Georgia, where JOHN WESLEY preached before he promulgated the Methodist faith, has been burned almost to the ground. The building contained all the records of Savannah and practically all of Georgia prior to 1825, most of which are a total loss. Christ Church Parish was founded soon after the settlement of Savannah. The first edifice was begun in 1743, but was not completed until 1750. The founder of Christ Church was the REV. HENRY HERBERT, who came over from England with OGLETHORPE. JOHN WESLEY was its third rector, and on the site of the present edifice stood the rude chapel in which he ministered as a chaplain to the colonists.

The County Record
June 3, 1897
page 3