West Point, GA Train- Buggy Wreck, Sept 1892

Accident Near West Point.

The Horrible Death of Mrs. Carrie Burney

West Point, Ga., September 27.-[Special.]-One of the most distressing accidents occurred this evening on the Western Railway, just as the cannon ball train was nearing Pink Hill Crossing. Mrs. Carrie Burney, mother of S.L. Burney, was in a buggy with Mr. [illegible] Jarrett, and they attempted to cross in front of the approaching train. Mrs. Burney was killed instantly. Her skull was crushed, an arm and wrist cut off, and one leg broken.

Mr. Jarrett had one of his hip bones broken, and received a number of bruises on his body. The buggy which they were in was torn into pieces, and the mule killed. A runner was put on a horse and came to town after a doctor, who responded. This accident occurred about two miles from town.

Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA 28 Sept 1892