Warrenton, GA Drowning, Feb 1889

Drowned In The Ogeechee.

The Batteau Drawn Down Over a Mill Dam.

Warrenton, Ga., February 2.-[Special.]=News has just reached here of the drowning of Frank Beall, a negro fifteen years old, which occurred while crossing the Ogeechee river in a batteau near Simpson’s Mill.

The bridge over the river that was used in crossing, by those going to the mill to have grain ground, had been swept away by a recent freshet, and a batteau was being used in transferring people across the river. This boy was crossing in the batteau, but when he had gotten midway, the current was so strong that he could no longer manage it. It was rapidly nearing the mill dam, and in a little while the batteau was precipitated over the dam by the rapid current. As the batteau dashed over the dam the boy was seen to jump out into the pond, but did not come to the surface again.

Both pond and river have been fished and dragged, but the body has not, as yet been found. It is thought that the current of the river was so swift that the body may have been carried down the river for miles.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 3 Feb 1889