Atlanta, GA Apartment Fire, Feb 1958


Atlanta (AP) -- Twelve persons, including 11 children in two families, perished in a fire that roared through a two-story duplex, building in Atlanta's southwest section last night.
Firemen said they found the bodies of 10 children huddled in one upstairs bedroom.
In other bedrooms were the charred remains of an infant boy in an incubator and a woman, mother of four of the dead youngsters. Police said all 12 victims were Negroes.
MR. and MRS. JEWELL JONES risked their lives in unsuccessful attempts to reach their seven children.
JONES was cut off by flames while trying to get to them and finally leaped to safety from a second-story window. Later he ran on a ladder erected by firemen and plunged into the smouldering structure.
Firemen pulled him back.
MRS. JONES said she "ran through a wall of flames trying to get upstairs. My hair caught fire and my arms were blistered. I just couldn't reach the children."
Police listed the seven dead JONES children as SANDRA LOUISE, 8; FREDERICK, 6; LARRY, 5;
CHARLES, 4; CHRISTINE, 2; BARBARA, 1; and CALVIN DOUGLAS, the infant whose body was found in an incubator.

Robosonian Lumberton North Carolina 1958-02-18