Jacksonville, FL Steamer LODONA Wreck in Hurricane, Aug 1871

Twenty Drowned.
The mess-boy was picked up yesterday, who brought new of the wreck. The survivors are the captain's son, first and second mates, the chief engineer, first assistant engineer, a fireman, four sailors, the head cook and the mess-boy.

The vessel was valued at $100,000 and her cargo at $200,000.

She was commanded by Captain H. HOVEY, who was born an resided at Essex, Connecticut, in the homestead possessed by his family for the past century. Early in life he adopted the profession of mariner, and soon rose to command. As master of the ship Amazon, one of a famous line of packets plying between New York and London, he acquired high reputation as a skillful seaman and courageous gentleman. He leaves a wife, two sons and five daughters.

The purser, MORGAN, who was also among the lost, also hailed from Essex, Conn., and like him leaves a family. Among the passengers was one lady, MRS. CAROLINE CONWAY, and there would seem to be but little chance of her being among the survivors, since the names of all these latter are given. There are as yet no particulars of the wreck beyond those in the short dispatch, but it is evident that even those who escaped must have undergone terrible sufferings, as they must have been at least three days at sea, or possibly shivering and starving along the bleak shores of the inhospitable coast. It is but two weeks since she sailed from pier 21 East River to brave and perish in the tornado, the full story of whose catastrophies[sic] will it is to be feared, reach a startling figure.

The New York Herald New York 1871-08-26


Shipwreck Lodona off Jacksonville, Florida 1871

I am looking for information on the four sailers not named in any articles I have found on the ship wreck. It is possible my great grandfather was on this ship but can not confirm until I can find the names of the four sailers. There has been mention the sailers were German. Could you assist me in any way?

Thank you for your time.


Twenty-one Lives Known to Have Been Lost - Only Twelve of Those on Board Saved - The Vessel a Total Wreck

Jacksonville, Fla., August 29, 1871

Captain Hovey's son, the first and second officers, chief engineer, first assistant engineer, chief cook, one fireman and five seaman have been saved from Lodona. There were thirty-three souls on board; the captain, purser and nineteen others have been drowned. The Lodona's bow is partly out of water, but the vessel is considered a total wreck. The beach for thirty miles is strewn with her cargo.

F. W. BROWN, Master of Brig Pomona.

New York Herald, New York, NY 30 Aug 1871


The captain (Hovey) and thirty of the crew were drowned.

The saved were Schofield, engineer; Stevens and Smith, mates; Mooney, fireman; Wolf, mess boy; the captain's son, the cook and four sailors.

New York Herald, New York, NY 31 Aug 1871