Jacksonville, FL Steamer LODONA Wreck in Hurricane, Aug 1871


Total Wreck of the New York Steamer Lodona Off the Florida Coast.


Other Disasters By The Storm.

The awful hurricane which swept along the southern coast on the 16th and 17th of this month naturally caused a deep feeling of anxiety as to the fate of the many vessels trading in those waters and known to be at sea at the time. For some days previous the weather reports told that a fresh south wind had prevailed along the region of the Bahamas. On the night of the 16th this changed gradually to the northwest, and from ten o'clock it blew a perfect hurricane from the west, accompanied by torrents of rain. In this storm it was that the steamer Lodona, trading between this city and New Orleans, went to pieces, with a saddening loss of life. Yesterday afternoon the following telegram was received in this city and caused a profound sensation, for on inquiry it was learned that the Lodona was due out several days ago, and no report had been received by the owners:

WASHINGTON, August 25, 1871
An undefined report comes from the South that the steamer Lodona, which sailed from New York August 12 for New Orleans has been lost. Inquiries so to its truth have been forwarded to all points on the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico.

For some time the hope was indulged that as she was a stauch steamer although possibly blown out of her course by the hurricane she had outridden the fury of the winds and waves. Her owners, C. H. MALLORY & Co., 163 Maiden lane, were strong in this hope. She was built at Hull, England, of iron, and was 666 tons register. On the outbreak of the rebellion she had been fitted as a blockade runner, but in those very Southern waters which have at last borne her to destruction she was captured by a government cruiser. She had five watertight compartments and ranked A1 in Lloyd's. Before, however, the inquiries set on foot by telegraph could well have reached their destinations the sad confirmation of this “undefined report” was received by MESSRS. MALLORY in a despatch[sic] from St. Augustine, Fla. It was brief, but left no avenue of hope open; it ran as follows:

ST. AUGUSTINE, August 23, 1871
The Lodona was wrecked sventy-five[sic] miles south of -- ...

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Shipwreck Lodona off Jacksonville, Florida 1871

I am looking for information on the four sailers not named in any articles I have found on the ship wreck. It is possible my great grandfather was on this ship but can not confirm until I can find the names of the four sailers. There has been mention the sailers were German. Could you assist me in any way?

Thank you for your time.


Twenty-one Lives Known to Have Been Lost - Only Twelve of Those on Board Saved - The Vessel a Total Wreck

Jacksonville, Fla., August 29, 1871

Captain Hovey's son, the first and second officers, chief engineer, first assistant engineer, chief cook, one fireman and five seaman have been saved from Lodona. There were thirty-three souls on board; the captain, purser and nineteen others have been drowned. The Lodona's bow is partly out of water, but the vessel is considered a total wreck. The beach for thirty miles is strewn with her cargo.

F. W. BROWN, Master of Brig Pomona.

New York Herald, New York, NY 30 Aug 1871


The captain (Hovey) and thirty of the crew were drowned.

The saved were Schofield, engineer; Stevens and Smith, mates; Mooney, fireman; Wolf, mess boy; the captain's son, the cook and four sailors.

New York Herald, New York, NY 31 Aug 1871