Palm Beach, FL Barracuda Accident, Mar 1929

Fish Bites Off Foot of Youth At Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Fla., March 16 - Swimming in the surf off Palm Beach today Le Roy Chadbourne felt something strike his foot and he immediately experienced a pang of intense pain. He struck out for shore.

When he reached shallow water where he could lift his foot he was horrified to see that it was severed from his leg. He fainted from loss of blood.

He was carried to his father's home, Villa Aloha, and physicians who were summoned found themselves working desperately to save his life.

The familiar warning of the negro boatmen of Florida had been exemplified again - "don't worry about the sharks, but look out for the barracuda."

The barracuda is the fastest known swimmer and is ferocious in the pursuit of prey.

Chadbourne is the son of Thos. L. Chadbourne, well known corporation attorney of New York. The Chadbournes have been spending the winter at their Palm Beach home and have entertained there extensively. Le Roy is the son of Chadbourne by his first wife. The present Mrs. Chadbourne was formerly Marjorie Curtis.

The Morning Call, Laurel, MS 17 Mar 1929