Cottondale, FL Train Wreck, Sept 1923


DOTHAN, Ala., Sept.17.---A definate check at noon today shows that only one person was killed in the wreck at Cottondale, Fla., late last night between a Louisville & Nashville train and an excursion train.

The person killed was Mrs. I. T. Lane, of Dothan, Ala., Mrs. Francis Holland also of Dothan, reported killed, is alive and expected to recover. Approximately 22 other persons were injured.

The Commerce Journal, Commerce, TX) 21 Sept 1923


I.T. Lane


My name is Stephen. I am W.E. Lane's grandson, Malcolm's or as you may know him (SHORTY's) son. My Grandfather was one of Rosie's children. My uncle Harry (Ray) and I are trying to research our family history, and are missing a few key people. I need to know if you have I.T's Father and Grandfather's (and any others you can provide) names. Also if you have a copy of the song, or know how I might find it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Your Cousin,

Mrs. Frances (Wiggins)

Mrs. Frances (Wiggins) Holland died of her injuries Sept. 18, 1923

Grandson of I T Lane

Although my grandfather died before I was born this event has always been the main topic at family reunions. My grandfather married Rose May a short time after the accident and she raised my father Fred B Lane.
I T Lane also wrote & published a song regarding the loss of his dear wife. My father was sitting in his mother lap at the time of the accident. We continue to honor Isiah Thomas Lane. My son Trenton Thomas Lane has kept the name alive...His son Ethan Thomsa Lane will be expected to do the same. I dont expect it to stop...ever. For some reason I believe my grandfather I T Lane would be proud of us.