Melbourne, FL Pleasure Boat Capsizes, Oct 1925

11 Drown As Florida Tour Boat Capsizes

MELBOURNE, Fla., Oct. 11 — Eleven members of a party of tourists are known to have drowned when the pleasure boat "Clara B." capsized while attempting to turn in a rough sea just outside Sebastian Inlet today. The remainder of the party, which numbered 25, had been rescued late today. The majority of those in the party were tourists from Kansas and other Western states, here as guests of the Melbourne Farms Company, which brought them to Melbourne to look over the company's properties.

A rough sea hindered rescue work and some of those saved were severely cut and bruised when tossed against the rock jetties.

The boat, chartered from Captain Ed Arnold of Malabar, Fla. by a tile company, left during the afternoon with the party of tourists on board for a sea journey.

The list of known dead at a late hour stood as follows:

A Miss Dreling, a Mr. Barton and wife, a Miss Larson and a Mr. Ruckles, all of Wichita. Kan.

Mrs. L. Davidson, Melbourne, Fla. Harry Roach and twelve-year-old son, Donald, of Melbourne.

Harry Coppock, Kansas City, Kan.

L. Waggstaff, said to be a Californlan; a man named Salmon, believed from Wichita.

A Mrs. Ruckles was rescued, but was in a dangerous condition from being washed against the rock jetties.

Rescued almost uninjured from the vessel were: David Barnes and wife, Wichita; Locke Davidson, Melbourne, and a Mrs. Dickson, a Mr. Campbell and a Mrs. Hill, addresses unknown.

Oct. 12, 1925 edition of "The New York Times"