Jacksonville, FL Steamer LODONA Wreck in Hurricane, Aug 1871 - Lost at Sea





Steamship Lodona Foundered off the Florida Coast.

Twenty Persons Perish

NEW YORK, Aug. 25.---Intelligence had been received in this city of loss of steamship Lodona off the coast of Florida. Twenty lives were lost. Captain Low, the first and second engineers, four sailors, the head cook, and the mess boy were saved.


The steamer Lodona, Capt. H. R. Hovey, which left this port the 13th inst., for New Orleans, foundered in a gale on the 16th, 73 miles south of St. Augustine, Fla., and 20 of the passengers and crew, with all the cargo valued at $200,000, lost. The survivors were the captain's son, the first and second mates, chief engineer, first assistant engineer, fireman, four sailors, head cook, and mess boy, the latter of whom was picked up on Tuesday near St. Augustine, and gave the first tidings of the disaster.

The Lodona was running in Mallory's Southern Steamship Line. She was partially insured. Among her owners are John Jewett & Sons, this city, and Capt. Hovey, her commander.

The latter, who was formerly connected with a line of London packets, and who was highly esteemed in both official and private capacity, leaves a wife and seven children at his home in Essex, Ct.

The Lodona was an iron steamer, about 800 tons burden, built in Hull, Eng., in 1862, and rated A 1. During the war she was used as a blockade runner. Her cargo was a full one of assorted merchandise.

Weekly Eastern Argus, Portland, ME 31 Aug 1871