Madison, FL Fire, Jul 1868

Fire at Madison, Fla.-The Business Portion of the Town Consumed.

Correspondence of the Savannah Republican.
Madison, Fla., Wednesday, July 15, 1868.

A destructive fire occurred here last night, by which the whole business portion of the town was destroyed.

The fire broke out in the store of C.H. Smith, on the northwest corner of Pinckney and Shelby streets, and ere it could be extinguished the whole block of stores on the Pinckney Street were destroyed. These comprise the main business houses of Madison. The loss at this time cannot be estimated, but it will be very heavy. The following firms are losers by the conflagration:
C.H. SMITH, store, office and stock destroyed.
PERREN & MCCOY saved a small portion of their stock. The building occupied by then was totally destroyed.
WILLIAM H. DIAL, druggist, saved a small portion of his stock; building destroyed with most of its contents.
DICKERSON, LIPSCOMB &Co., store burned; stock saved.
THOMAS & LIVINGSTON, stock saved; building destroyed.

Of the amount of insurance held by these parties I am not informed. The fire is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Jul 1868