Jacksonville, FL Truck Overturns Kills Six, Sep 1961


Jacksonville, Fla. (AP) -- Six persons, including four children, burned to death Sunday when a truck turned over on its side and burst into flames in downtown Jacksonville. Ten others, eight of them children, were taken to hospitals.
Only one of the 17 persons riding the stake bed truck escaped without serious burns.
Police Capt. R. A. Hurlbert said the truck slowly made a left turn in front of the Jacksonville railroad terminal and overturned. The fire flared up so quickly there was no chance for the victims to escape.
Hurlbert said the gasoline tank possibly was ignited by sparks as the truck skidded on its side.
The truck was made for dual wheels and had two wheels on the left rear but only one on the right. Hurlbert said this may have caused the accident.

Albuquerque Journal New Mexico 1961-09-25


Wow I didn't really expect

Wow I didn't really expect to find an article online about this disaster, the children in the fire were my relatives, my aunts and uncles to be exact. There were actually 5 children that died as the article says 4 but my grandmother lost all 5 of her children that day, her mother later on in the hospital as a result of her injuries sustained in this accident, the only one of 17 to walk away with minor to no injuries was the driver, my grandmother's brother.