Off Coast, FL Explosion On Battleship IOWA, Apr 1989

USS Iowa Turret explosion.jpg USS Iowa turret explosion 2.jpg

However, there are critics of the battleship's gigantic guns. "They're old-fashioned and inherently dangerous," said Eugene LaRocque of the Center for Defense Information, a retired real admiral. "They all ought to be eliminated. I don't know what more it takes to get people to recognize this ancient technology is no longer appropriate on warships."

Washington (AP) -- Here are the names of the 47 sailors listed by the Pentagon as killed in the explosion Wednesday aboard the battleship USS Iowa, with their ranks and hometowns.
TUNG THANH ADAMS, 25, fire controlman 3rd class, Alexandria, Va.
ROBERT WALLACE BACKHERMS, 30, gunner's mate 3rd class, Ravenna, Ohio.
DWAYNE COLLIER BATTLE, 21, electrician's mate, fireman apprentice, Rocky Mount, N.C.
WALTER SCOT BLAKEY, 20, gunner's mate 3rd class, Eaton Rapids, Mich.
PETE EDWARD BOPP, 21, gunner's mate 3rd class, Levittown, N.Y.
RAMON JEREL BRADSHAW, 19, seaman recruit, Tampa, Fla.
PHILLIP EDWARD BUCH, 24, lieutenant junior grade, Las Cruces, N.M.
ERIC ELLIS CASEY, 21, seaman apprentice, Mount Airy, N.C.
JOHN PETER CRAMER, 28, gunner's mate 2d class, Uniontown, Pa.
MILTON FRANCIS DEVAUL, JR., 21, gunner's mate 3rd class, Solvay, N.Y.
LESLIE ALLEN EVERHART, JR., 31, seaman apprentice, Cary, N.C.
GARY JOHN FISK, 24, boatswain's mate, Oneida, N.Y.
TYRONE DWAYNE FOLEY, 27, seaman, Bullard, Texas.
ROBERT JAMES GEDEON, III, 22, seaman apprentice, Lakewood, Ohio.
BRIAN WAYNE GENDRON, 20, seaman apprentice, Madera, Calif.
JOHN LEONARD GOINS, 20, seaman recruit, Columbus, Ohio.
DAVID L. HANSON, 23, electrician's mate 3rd class, Bison, S.D.
ERNEST EDWARD HANYECZ, 27, gunner's mate 1st class, Bordentown, N.J.
CLAYTON MICHAEL HARTWIG, 25, gunner's mate 2nd class, Cleveland.
MICHAEL WILLIAM HELTON, 31, legalman 1st class, Louisville, Ky.
SCOTT ALAN HOLT, 20, seaman apprentice, Fort Myers, Fla.
REGINALD JOHNSON, JR., 20, seaman recruit, Warrensville Heights, Ohio.
BRIAN ROBERT JONES, 19, seaman, Kennesaw, Ga.
NATHANIEL CLIFFORD JONES, JR. seaman apprentice, 21, Buffalo, N.Y.
MICHAEL SHANNON JUSTICE, 21, seaman, Matewan, W. Va.
EDWARD J. KIMBLE, 23, seaman, Fort Stockton, Texas.
RICHARD E. LAWRENCE, 29, gunner's mate 3rd class, Springfield, Ohio.

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