Washington, DC Scaffold Collapse, Sept 1913

Scaffold Breaks; Two Hurt

30-Foot Drop Fractures One Man’s Ankle and Injures Other’s Wrist.

Two men were injured yesterday in the collapse of a scaffold on a building in course of construction at Taylor and Eleventh streets northwest. They were working on the scaffold, when it suddenly gave way, and they were precipitated to the ground, 30 feet below.

Edward B. WILSON, 26 years old, of 824 Eighth street northwest, sustained bruises about the body and a dislocation of one wrist.

Frank E. MONTGOMERY, 26 years old, of 329 H street northeast, sustained a fracture of the left ankle and numerous bruises about the body. Both were treated in the Freemen’s Hospital, a few blocks away, and then sent to their homes.

Kelly PUMPHRIES, 33 years old, of Seat Pleasant, Md, sprained an ankle in a 20-foot fall from a scaffold on the new postoffice (sic) building. He was taken to the Casualty Hospital.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 8 Mar 1913