Elsemere, DE Glider Crash, Oct 1933


WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 5 (AP)—Collapse of the wing of a glider shortly after it had been cut loose from a towing airplane piloted by Richard C. Dupont, late today sent Edward R. Setz, 22, of Highland Park, Pa., crashing to his death in a field at Elsmere, near Wilmington.

San Diego Union, San Diego, CA 6 Oct 1933


Glider Wing Breaks, Flier Falls to Death

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 6 (AP)—Knocked unconscious in mid-air by a wing of his glider which tore loose, Edward R. Setz, of Highland Park, Pa., plunged 1,500 feet to death in the craft.

Setz, a guest of Richard C. duPont, was practicing yesterday for a demonstration at an air pageant in New York. Cutting off from a tow plane piloted by duPont, he started a series of loops at 3,000 feet.

In his final loop a wing broke and struck him. The glider crashed in a field near Elsemere. DuPont, who recently set a new American distance flight record for gliders, is a son of A. Felix duPont, an official of the E. I. duPont, De Nemours & Co.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 6 Oct 1933