Wilmington, DE DuPont Powder Mill explosion, Nov 1861


The explosion at DUPONT'S powder mills, near Wilmington, which was distinctly heard in this city on Wednesday morning, occurred at 11 o'clock. The casualties are said to be three or four men killed, named SAMUEL RUSSELL, CHARLES MULHRIEN and JOHN VIZIER. A fourth man was killed, name unknown. The remains were so blackened and mutilated that their friends could not recognize them. MARTIN DOLAN was near one of the mills, and narrowly escaped. The explosion was the most powerful since the explosion of the powder-wagons in Fourteenth-street, Wilmington, some years ago. It shook many houses in Wilmington violently, and was sensible heard and felt at Point Breeze and Wilmington, but was not felt or heard at Newcastle. The dwelling-houses of the proprietors of the estate are said to be very much damaged, and considerable work and time will be required to put them in repair. The operatives in a manufactory on the opposite side of the Brandywine Creek were terribly affected by the concussion; one of the girls is said to have died from it. The glass was all shattered out of the mill, and some of the machinery displaced. - Philadelphia Press, Nov. 23.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Nov 1861