Tariffville, CT Carpet Co Fire, Jun 1867

Destruction of the Hartford Carpet Company's Mill by Fire.

HARTFORD, Conn., Monday, June 10. A very destructive fire broke out about 6:30 this morning in the spinning mill of the Hartford Carpet Company at Tariffville. It originated in the picking room and destroyed all the buildings of the Company, excepting two or three, including the power-loom brick mill, two stories high and 220 by 80 feet; the carding and spinning mill, three stories high, and basement, of brick, 100 by 40 feet; the carding mill, three stories, and basement, 100 by 40 feet; the wool room and basement, two stories high, of wood, and 150 by 40 feet; also several dye houses, dwelling-houses, &c.

There were in all ten factory buildings, twelve dwellings and small buildings, one store and one barn destroyed. There was no fire engine in the village, and steamers from this city were sent to the rescue. The fire was got under control about 2 o'clock.

The loss is estimated at from one million to a million and a half of dollars; which is insured for about $120,000, as follows: The International and Home of New-York, each $37,500: Connecticut, $18,750; Lorillard, $18,750: and $100,000 in a Boston company.

About two thousand persons are thrown out of employment. The mills last month turned out about 35,000 yards of carpets. Only a part of the Company's works are in Tarriffville.

The Brussels carpet mill, in which the carpets of the Company were made, could not be saved owing to the flames spreading within, and nothing now remains standing but the walls. This makes eleven buildings destroyed. Nothing now remains in the village but one or two storehouses and a few dwellings.

Steam engines from Westfield, Mass., arrived there at 3 o'clock, and together with those from Hartford, did good service in saving some of the property. The loss will be fully one million dollars over and above the insurance. It will take several years to rebuild the mill. The loss falls heavily on Hartford, where most of the stock is owned. The stock sold last week for $300 per share.


Springfield, Mass., Monday, June 10. The first report of the fire at Tariffville, Conn., to-day greatly exaggerates the loss. The Treasurer of the Company says it will not exceed $600,000, indeed, if it is more than $500,000. The insurance is $425,000.

Ten mills, ten tenement and boarding-houses; and two stores were burned---the whole the property of the Hartford Carpet Company. The fire throws seven hundred persons out of employment.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Jun 1867