New London, CT Old Yale Brewery Fire, Jan 1923


Loss is $100,000

New London, Jan. 12--Fire tonight swept through the “Old Yale Brewery” now used as a storage building destroying the entire structure and its contents and causing a loss estimated at $100,000. Late tonight the building was a bright red shell with its roof gone and a few scattered flames still rising in the ruins.

The fire which is believed to have started in an elevater shaft gutted the building quickly and destroyed tons of hay and feed stored on upper floors. Only the brick walls four stories high and a brick tower remain. The entire fire department of New London fought the flames for several hours and devoted its chief efforts to protecting neighboring buildings.

The building was erected by the Yale Brewing company about 20 years ago but was abandoned 10 years later and turned over to other uses. It was being used by the P Schwartz company as a storage for hay and grain and by the Tait company ice cream manufacturers. The building had been shut for the night when the fire was discovered.

The Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport, CT 13 Jan 1923