Wallingford, CT Fire, Oct 1867


Fire at Wallingford---Church, Town Hall and Other Buildings Destroyed.

NEW-HAVEN, Conn., Sunday, Oct. 27. A fire in Wallingford, this morning, destroyed the Episcopal Church, Town Hall and Keeler's stove-store. Loss about $30,000; insurance about $11,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Oct 1867


The Fire at Wallingford, Conn., on Sunday.

From the Hartford Post, Oct. 29.

The telegraph yesterday morning briefly informed us of a disastrous fire in Wallingford, whereby the Episcopal Church, Union Hall and Keeler's stove warehouse were destroyed. The fire originated, it is supposed, from a defective flue in the church, a fire having been lighted in the furnace that morning for the first time. The Sexton was absent at the time, and the neighbors were the first to discover the fire, but too late to save the building. The flames communicated to Union Hall, a few feet distant on the south side of the church, at the same time catching on the building on the south side known as Keeler's stove-store, both of which being of wood were soon destroyed. Wallaces' brick block, adjoining the hall property, also caught fire, but was saved through the exertions of the firemen. In the upper part of the public hall was the Masonic Lodge room. The loss of the church will fall heavily on the congregation.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Oct 1867