New Haven, CT Sabatini's Restaurant Fire, Jan 1920


Fire Starts After Festivities---Proprietor and Bartender Under Arrest for Alcohol Sales.

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 1.---Fire completely wrecked the restaurant known as Sabatini's, close by Police Headquarters, early today, after the departure of guests who had watched the dawn of a new year.

Several explosions followed the discovery of the fire by a waiter, and an official inquiry was begun at once. For a time the firemen had a task to save the building, which is at the corner of Church and Court Streets, with the City Hall almost adjoining on the former street, and Police Headquarters close by in Court Street. The lower floors will have to be replaced.

The restaurant was well patronized last night with diners, who stayed well into the morning hours. Internal revenue men made visits and found no violation of the law.

It has been charged that liquor was distributed from Sabatini's to various saloon keepers in the city and Louis Gargiulo, manager of the café is held in bonds of $3,000 on chargers of violating the wartime prohibition law. Biaggio Trppiano, a bartender at the place, is held in $3,000. Harry Vincent and William Guangi, now held by the Chicopee, Mass., police had been familiar figures in the café.

Sabatini's is the headquarters for the Leonard-Dundee bout which is scheduled to be held here Jan. 16, and 400 tickets for the affair were burned.

The damage is placed at $35,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Jan 1920