Hartford, CT Park Central Hotel Collapse and Fire, Feb 1889


BRONSON, LOUIS H., Secretary of the Hartford Stove and Plumbing Company.
BRONSON, Mrs. LOUIS H., Hartford.
BRONSON, Miss., Hartford.
BURLL, DWIGHT, H., jeweler, Hartford.
ENGLER, I. OHNGE, druggist, Hartford.
GAINES, GEORGE, colored, porter of the hotel.
GALODY, MAX, Hartford.
GALODY, Mrs. MAX, Hartford.
HAUSSMAN, J. N., Brooklyn, agent for the Revere Rubber Company of Boston.
HILL, J. C., commercial traveler, Hartford.
KETCHUM, EDDIE, aged 18, son of the landlord of the hotel.
KETCHUM, GEORGE, brother of the landlord.
ROOT, GEORGE W., Boston, traveler for Waite, Williams & Co. TILLOTSON, A. F., agent for the Merrill Chemical Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.
WHITING, ANDREW F., Actuary for the Hartford Life and Annuity Company.
WHITING, Mrs. ANDREW F., Hartford.
Unknown man, about 60 years old, brown hair, bald, heavy brown mustache, light eyes.
Unknown man.
Unknown man.


ETTINGER, TONY, of "Hoodman Blind" company.
ETTINGER, Mrs. TONY, and child.
GERALD, LIZZIE, Springfield, Mass.
HOWE, FANNIE, Springfield, Mass.
PERRIN, the Rev. Dr. LAVALETTE, Torrington, Conn.
PERRIN, Mrs. LAVALETTE, Torrington, Conn.
PERRY, EDWARD, night clerk of the hotel.


CORRIGAN, MICHAEL, Windsor, Conn., internal injuries and legs badly crushed.
CORRIGAN, Mrs. MICHAEL, Windsor, Conn., internal injuries and legs crushed.
CRAMER, RACHEL, Avon, Conn., bruised and cut.
DECKER, JENNIE, legs broken.
GAY, WALTER M., Bayonne, N. J., suffering from exposure.
JAMES, ENOS, New-York, badly bruised.
KETCHUM, WILLINGTON, proprietor of the hotel, not seriously hurt, rescued from ruins.
KETCHUM, Mrs. WILLINGTON, wife of the proprietor of the hotel, scalded about the head, hip broken, injuries very dangerous.
LAPOINTE, HELEN, New-Britain, Conn., seriously but probably not fatally injured.
STIFFEL, HARRY, Philadelphia, severe shock and scalp wound.
TURPIN, JACOB, barber, scalp wound.

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