Hartford, CT Colt Firearms Works Fire, Feb 1894


Main Building of Colt Firearms Works Burned to the Ground.

HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 11.---The main building of the Colt Firearms Works was destroyed by fire this afternoon. This building was 350 feet long and connected what was known as the east and west armories. the east armory was on fire several times, but the Fire Department managed by hard work to save it. In this armory the Colt firearms are made. The west armory is occupied by the Atlantic Screw Company, the Tourist Bicycle Company, and the Cook Machine Works. These companies have lost small amounts caused by water damage.

The loss to the Colt estate will be $100,000. The insurance, placed in the local agency of the Phoenix of this city, aggregates $90,000. The Phoenix and Aetna have general policies of $30,000 each, and the National has one of $10,000. A fire at the /colt works thirty years ago caused a loss of $2,000,000.

Work in the west armory will be resumed in a week, but in the east armory not work will be done for the present. Five hundred persons have been thrown out of employment. The powder and ammunition in the east armory were removed yesterday, and every precaution was taken against disaster from explosion.

Among the property destroyed wee seventy-five universal printing presses, which had been manufactured in the building. They were not insured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Feb 1894