Simsbury, CT Fire, Jun 1900


Principal Buildings of the Village Destroyed in Early Morning Blaze.


Flames Originated in Third Story of Hotel Due to a Defective Chimney—Guests Escaped, but Fire Spread Despite Firemen’s Best Efforts to Control It.

Simsbury, Conn., June 20—The most disastrous fire, which has visited Simsbury in many years, early today destroyed four buildings in the principal part of the village and for a time threatened the destruction of a great amount of surrounding property. Among the burned buildings was the Hot Meadow hotel, and the hardware store and warehouse owned by F. L. Welden. The loss is estimated at fully $25,000.

The fire originated in the third story of the Hot Meadow hotel about 4 o’clock this morning and is thought to have been due to a defective chimney. The flames had a good start before they were discovered, although all the guests escaped without difficulty, it being only a few minutes before the entire building was wrapped in flames.

When the alarm was given many townspeople came to the assistance of the firemen and all worked with a will in removing the furniture from the burning hotel. They had only little time for this however, as he wind carried the flames to adjoining buildings and almost before it was known the hardware store of S. F. Welden, his warehouse, a small greenhouse, the grocery store of W. H. Hall, Welch & Scott’s livery stable and the passenger station were in flames.

Despite the best efforts of the firemen the first three buildings soon were in ruins, but the damage to the others was slight.

At 8:30 the flames were under control, but it was several hours later when the department felt it would be safe to leave the smouldering ruins. It is impossible at this time to learn the exact loss or the amount of insurance.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Jun 1900