Stony Creek, CT Fire, Aug 1900


Fire Destroys Two Buildings in Stony Creek.

Branford, Aug. 20.--A very disastrous fire occurred in Stony Creek Sunday morning causing loss to property of about $5,000.

The fire, which originated in a wagon shed adjoining the store of Peter Ablondt on School Street, was discovered by neighbors living across the street, who were awakened by the crackling noise of fire. They at once rushed to the assistance of the families living in the rear of the store and over the store, three families in all. They were all fast asleep and fire raging all around them. In a few moments more egress by the stairs would have bee entirely cut off. An alarm was sent out by two men rushing through the streets shouting "Fire." This was made necessary by the destruction of the customary alarm, namely, the church bell, which in a previous fire, some three months ago, was destroyed when the church, too, was burned to the ground.

The old-time bucket brigade was soon formed by a line of men, but the fire had gotten too strong a headway to {ineligible}ourning. Ablondt's store and tenement were totally destroyed and everything therein contained.

The families escaped with what little clothing they could snatch up, and found shelter for the night with neighbors and friends.

Ablondt kept a general merchandise store and had built up quite a good business. He lived with his family in the rear of the store and had built up quite a good business. He lived with his family in the rear of the store. The loss is estimated at about $5,000, and is partially covered by insurance. The origin of the fire is unknown. This is the second time the fire fiend has visited Stony Creek within a period of three months, and caused serious loss.

The fire department has done such excellent work in Branford since its institution, and extension of its service to Stony Creek would not be a bad move, and must come very soon.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Aug 1900