Shelton, CT Business Section Fire, Apr 1890


Shelton, Conn., April 25. -- Fire was discovered in the Birmingham Bone Comb manufactory on Division Street, yesterday. The flames spread to the Housatonic Brass Company's building, then to the Radcliff woolen mill, Horace Wheeler's grocery store, Newell's printing establishment and two dwelling houses.
MRS. MARIE SLIE, aged 85 years, who occupied a tenement in the Wheeler building, was burned so terribly before she could be taken from the house that she died in a few hours. MRS. JULIA HOPKINS and LEONARD SMITH were removed from the blazing buildings badly burned.
Eight buildings, with contents, were destroyed, involving a total loss of over $50,000. They were insured to the amount of $30,000. One of the buildings destroyed was an old landmark, which was known as the "LaFayette House" because the famous Frenchman stopped in it for several hours on one of his trips to this country. It was nearly two hundred years old.

Trenton Times New Jersey 1890-04-25