Winsted, CT Train Accident, May 1899


Angelo Rive, From This City, Lived 45 Minutes with Only Half a Body.

Angelo Rive, and Italian whom it is believed lived in this city, was cut in two Saturday by a train at Winsted, Conn., and yet lived three quarters of an hour. He tried to board the express while it was moving, and was thrown under the wheels. He suffered terrible agony, but retained consciousness and was able to speak his name several times.

He had a ticket from this city to New York, and was going there when killed. He had in his pocket a letter addressed to Angelo Rexo of this city. Little could be learned of him here except that he had been here.

His body was literally cut in two at the hips, the upper half of his body being picked up some feet from the lower half. His tenacity of life was one of the most remarkable cases on record. The body was buried at Winsted yesterday.

North Adams Transcript, North Adams, MA 29 May 1899