North Branford, CT Trolley Car Collision, Aug 1917

After the crash, NEGUS and TRYON, who were practically unhurt, scrambled up the embankment and went to the farmhouse of Mrs. Ira Thompson, a short distance away. Here Deputy Sheriff Regan of Branford found them and detained them until Deputy Coroner Wynne came and began an examination. It is understood
that NEGUS did not materially change his explanation of the accident when questioned by Mr. Wynne.
The point of difference apparently is as to whether he actually went into the turnout and waited, or went by without noticing it. FRANK HARRISON of Guilford, who had been traveling on the line, says that when he noticed the car had passed the turnout he instinctively rose and and went to the rear of the car to ascertain why there was not a wait for the New Haven car. The next turnout going west was four miles away.
HARRY MORRIS, motorman of the car from New Haven, was killed, but ARTHUR S. JONES of Westbrook, his conductor, was not badly hurt. He was suffering from shock any bruises today.
LEONARD S. HOTCHKISS of New Haven, who died during the night, was going to his summer home. He customarily used his automobile but yesterday took the trolley. In the North Haven wreck on the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad, almost four years ago, he lost two young sons.
One of the passengers on the westbound car was JAMES WALSH, who was also in the North Haven wreck. MR. WALSH was not badly hurt. When the turnout was passed without stopping he says he wondered where the New Haven car was. At that time Conductor TRYON was dozing on a rear seat.
Identifications were made today of the bodies of MRS. SAMUEL SPENCER of Clinton and MRS. ANDREW J. HIGGINS of Brooklyn, N.Y. MR. HIGGINS is in the hospital here.

Lowell Sun Massachusetts 1917-08-14