Waterbury, CT Factory Fire, Jan 1896


Disastrous Fire in a Waterbury Factory To-day.

Waterbury, Jan. 9.---There was a $20,000 to $30,000 fire to-day at the brass goods factory of Holmes, Booth & Hayden. The fiee started at 11:45 in a small wooden building on the south side of the plant, used as a dipping and plating room.

The cause was an explosion created by an overheated lacquer. The employes[sic] had to flee for their lives. The company's private fire department and the city department responded and in an hour the flames were subdued.

Only a small portion of the plant was burned, but the value of the unfinished work destroyed and damaged was great. The loss was covered by insurance. A large number of hands will be thrown out of employment for a few days.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 9 Jan 1896