New Haven, CT Runaway Accident, Mar 1893


Henry Fresenlus' trotter, "Punch," while hitched in front of a house on Washington street this morning became frightened at something and pulled the hitching strap over his head and started down town for McDonald's stable, where he is kept. While passing through Congress avenue Frank Keenan tried to stop the horse, but the bridle slipped through his hands. In front of Saggenhelmer's store on Church street the horse collided with J. M. Lee's buckboard, breaking one of the shafts. The horse continued through Church street to Court, where he was caught and taken to this stable. The sleigh was not badly damaged, but the cushions were strewn along the runaway's route. The horse was scratched about the legs somewhat.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 7 Mar 1893