Waterbury, CT Dry Goods Store Fire, Feb 1894



Dry Goods Store and Other Buildings Burned in the Business Section.

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 22.--A fire which broke out at 8 o'clock this morning totally destroyed the big dry goods house of Conlon Brothers on Exchange Place, in the heart of the city, ruined the stock completely and swept away the dry goods store of Miller & Peck, one of the oldest in the State. The Miller & Peck Building was almost entirely burned away. The loses are very heavy. The Arcade Building, occupied from top to bottom by Conlon Brothers, was built in 1848, and its destruction removes a landmark. Conlon Brothers carried about $60,000 worth of stock at this time, being engaged in a clearing sale. Usually their stock was valued at $100,000.

The fire last night left nothing of Conlon Bros' stock and of the building in which their business was carried on nothing remains but the front wall. Miller & Peck carried about $100,000 of goods. Of this not one tenth can be saved.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 23 Feb 1894



WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 22.--A wooden building in the heart of the city, occupied by Conlon Bros., dry goods dealers, was destroyed by fire early this morning. Loss on building $2000, on stock $3000, fully insured.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 23 Feb 1894