Stamford, CT Dog Saves Man from Holly House Fire, Mar 1908

Saved From Fire

Stamford, Conn., March 24.---Curly is only a "husky" and until recently he trod the frozen Northwwest helping drag pack sleds. He came to Col. John I. Holly, a Stamford business man from Alaska, and a strong bond of friendship was established between the dog and his master. Now that bond is more firmly riveted and money cannot purchase Curly.

The Holly house is a landmark and was built when the town first was settled. Yesterday Curly, snoozing in the study smelled smoke. He trotted up to Col. Holly's room, scratched on the door and whined, Mr. Holly was awakened and commanded Curly to "charge". The the dog ran down stairs to the room of George Dann, an employee and barked and scratched on the door until Dann got up.

Barking jovously[sic], Curly ran back to Col. Holly's room and did more whining and scratching. This time his master got up, intending to teach the dog some manners. He found the upper part of the house, full of smoke and the attic in flames.

The timely warning Curly gave enabled Col. Holly to send in an alarm and the house was saved from complete destruction. Curly will live in luxury the rest of his life.

San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA 24 Mar 1908