Aspen, CO Delta S Mine Accident, Sept 1894


Swan Thonroth Injured by a Blast in the Della S.

On Sunday morning, near midnight, swan Thonroth was quite dangerously hurt by a premature explosion in the Della S mine. In firing a round of holes a defective fuse caused one of the blasts to be discharged before he could light the others and flying rock struck him in the side and hip, inflicting injuries which may prove fatal. The injured man was taken to the Citizen's hospital. Dr. Robinson is attending the patient and he Monday night informed a TIMES reporter that the lungs appear to be badly injured. He has been spitting blood and the indications now are that pneumonia is about to set in. Mr. Thonroth is a very sick man.

Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 8 Sept 1894