Denver, CO (near) Train Plunges Through Bridge, Aug 1887


Denver, Col., Aug. 25. -- An accident occurred on an east-bound Union Pacific express at Sand Creek bridge, 10 miles east of here, last night, resulting in the death of Engineer MASTERTON and the serious wounding of two or three trainmen. The Union Pacific and Burlington bridges across this Sand Creek, almost parallel, and within a few feet of each other. When the engineer of the Union Pacific train, which leaves here about 30 minutes ahead of the Burlington train, was withing a few feet of the bridge he was horrified to see that the flood of the early part of the evening had washed the middle section away. The fireman jumped into the steam and stuck in the sand, whence he was taken out half an hour later in an unconscious condition. He may die. Engineer MASTERTON grabbed the lever and reversed his engine just as it plunged into the water with a baggage car, which fell on top of his body, burying it in the sand. His engine was completely submerged in the sand. Baggageman BREEDLOVE was badly injured by falling trunks.
An old German woman, living near by, heard the cries of the frightened people, and rushed out with a lantern and stopped the approaching express on the Burlington route within a few feet of the bridge, probably saving other lives, as the bridge of this road was also in a dangerous condition.

The New York Times New York 1887-08-26